As a website operator, I have been looking for a perfect tool to create content and engagement among website users. Finally, I came across the Tier Maker website, a platform that allows users to create custom tier lists to rank anything and everything. The website is becoming incredibly popular, with millions of users using the site to list any kind of topic imaginable. In this article, I will discuss the Tier Maker website in detail, its usage, and its benefits if used correctly.

What is Tier Maker?

Tier Maker is a website that allows users to create their own custom tier lists using the drag and drop method. The website has become increasingly popular worldwide, with millions of users creating lists of their favorite video games, anime shows, sports teams, and more. It's so popular because users can customize their lists to their own preferences and share them with other users. They can also engage in discussions or debates on these lists as each user has their own opinions and views.

How to Use the Tier Maker Website

To use the Tier Maker website, simply visit the website and find your topic of interest. Once you find what you are looking for, select "Create a Tier List" and begin ranking the items under specific categories or tiers. Users can drag and drop each item into a particular category, which can range from S being the best or A being lower than S, and so on. The website also enables users to change the color scheme, and they can even add images and descriptions to each of their items. Once you are done, share your completed list with your friends, and they can also provide their input or create their own, thus creating a whole new community on the website.

Benefits of Using Tier Maker

Tier Maker is an excellent tool for website operators to increase interactivity on their site. By creating a customized tier list, they can attract users to the site and keep them engaged. The website also allows users to share their lists on social media platforms, thus promoting the operator's website to a more extensive audience. Additionally, the website's user interface is straightforward, and users can create their tier list in just a few clicks. With so many categories available, it's easy for individuals with different interests to customize their lists and participate in discussions with their peers.


Tier Maker has become a go-to platform for individuals looking to create their own personalized tier lists. It's perfect for website operators looking to create engagement among their users and promote their site to a more extensive audience. The site is user-friendly and allows users to customize their lists easily. Overall, Tier Maker is a great tool for anyone interested in ranking their favorite things or generating discussions with their peers.