Who is the Girl in the Xfinity Commercial?

As the operator of a popular website about TV commercials, I have received countless messages from viewers wanting to know the identity of the mysterious girl who stars in the recent Xfinity commercial. This ad, which promotes the company's X1 entertainment platform, shows a young woman sitting comfortably on a couch and using her X1 voice remote to access her favorite shows and movies. She exudes a charming and relatable vibe that has captured many people's attention.

So, who is this girl? After conducting some thorough research and reaching out to the Xfinity marketing team, I finally have the answers. Allow me to introduce you to the talented actress behind the Xfinity commercial: her name is Emily Tarver.

Who is Emily Tarver?

Emily Tarver is a New York-based actress and comedian who has gained recognition in the entertainment industry for her hilarious and dynamic performances. She has appeared in a variety of TV shows, movies, and web series, including Donny!, The Big Sick, and High Maintenance. She is also a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Manhattan, where she performs improv and sketch comedy regularly.

Emily's performance in the Xfinity commercial showcases her natural talent for acting and her ability to connect with the audience. Her portrayal of the laid-back X1 user has resonated with many viewers, who see her as a relatable representation of themselves. She has been praised for her charm, wit, and ability to deliver humor effortlessly.

How Was Emily Tarver Chosen for the Xfinity Commercial?

According to Xfinity's marketing team, Emily Tarver was selected for the X1 commercial because of her comedic background and her ability to deliver a natural and engaging performance. The team wanted to portray X1 users as relatable, everyday people who can use the technology to enhance their entertainment experience. Emily's performance perfectly captured this concept and helped bring the X1 platform to life.

Emily's infectious personality made her a favorite among the Xfinity crew during the shoot. She reportedly maintained high energy and humor throughout the long days of filming, which helped create a positive and collaborative atmosphere on set.


In conclusion, the mystery of the girl in the Xfinity commercial has been solved: her name is Emily Tarver, and she is a talented actress and comedian known for her relatable personality and quick wit. Her performance in the X1 ad has resonated with many viewers and has helped promote Xfinity's innovative entertainment platform. It is interesting to note how a commercial featuring an unknown actress can create such buzz and curiosity among the public. This is a testament to the power of well-executed advertising and the potential of the entertainment industry to bring new talents into the spotlight.