Running a Successful Community on Reddit: The Case of Wild Rift

As the owner and operator of the Wild Rift subreddit, I have had the opportunity to witness the growth of this community firsthand. From its humble beginnings as a small forum for fans of Riot Games' hit mobile game, to the bustling hub of information and discussion it is today, my experience in running a successful subreddit has taught me a lot about what it takes to build and maintain an engaged online community.

The Importance of Clear Guidelines

One of the most important aspects of running any online community is establishing clear guidelines for behavior and interaction. Wild Rift's subreddit rules are prominently displayed on the site's sidebar, and are enforced by a team of moderators who are active and responsive to user reports. These guidelines help ensure that discussions are civil and productive, and that individuals who violate them are dealt with appropriately. When setting rules for a subreddit, it is important to be both specific and consistent in their application.

Encouraging User Participation

At its core, Wild Rift's success as a community is due to its dedicated and active user base. As the subreddit's owner, it is my responsibility to foster engagement and encourage users to participate in discussions and post content. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, including hosting regular events such as AMAs, encouraging the creation of user-generated content, and posting informative and engaging content on a regular basis. By consistently providing users with interesting and interactive content, the Wild Rift subreddit has become the go-to destination for fans of the game looking to connect with fellow players.

Staying on Top of Trends and Updates

One of the biggest challenges facing any community manager is staying on top of new trends and updates. Wild Rift's subreddit is dedicated to providing players with up-to-date information about the game, including announcements, patch notes, and strategy guides. By being proactive in tracking industry news and staying on top of any changes to the game itself, the subreddit's moderators are able to keep users informed and engaged. It is important to remember that online communities are dynamic and ever-changing, and that staying abreast of new developments is essential to maintaining relevance and fostering growth.

Dealing with Challenges and Controversies

No online community is without its challenges and controversies, and Wild Rift's subreddit is no exception. Whether it is dealing with trolls and flamers, moderating discussions on divisive topics, or addressing concerns about the game itself, the subreddit's moderators must be prepared to deal with a range of issues. The key to successfully navigating these challenges is to remain calm, objective, and consistent in applying the community's guidelines. It is also important to be transparent and communicative with users, and to address concerns in a timely and constructive manner. By handling challenges and controversies with compassion and professionalism, it is possible to turn negative situations into opportunities for growth and improvement.

The Rewards of Building a Successful Online Community

Despite the many challenges and difficulties involved, running a successful online community can be an immensely rewarding experience. Wild Rift's subreddit has brought together thousands of passionate players from around the world, fostered engaging discussions and debates, and provided a platform for the sharing of knowledge and information. By building a strong and engaged community, I have not only increased my own knowledge of the game, but have also developed valuable skills in leadership, communication, and community management. To anyone considering setting up or running an online community, I would encourage them to embrace the challenges and enjoy the rewards that come with building a passionate and engaged community of like-minded individuals.


Running a successful online community requires dedication, effort, and a willingness to learn and adapt to changing circumstances. By establishing clear guidelines, fostering engagement, staying on top of trends and updates, and dealing with challenges and controversies in a constructive manner, it is possible to build a passionate and engaged community of users. The Wild Rift subreddit has been an invaluable learning experience for me, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided. As the subreddit continues to grow and evolve, I look forward to its continued success and the contributions of its many talented and dedicated users.