As the operator of Harbor Freight's ecommerce site, I am constantly striving to improve the user experience and provide the best possible service to our customers. Here are some of the ways we work to ensure a smooth and satisfying shopping experience on

Easy Navigation

We know that our customers come to our site looking for specific tools, equipment and accessories. That's why we've optimized our navigation bar to quickly get shoppers to the category that meets their needs. Depending on what page you land on, you'll see the categories we think are relevant to you based on your browsing history and search terms.

If you have something specific in mind, our search bar is always prominently displayed in the upper-right corner of the page. Suggestions will pop up as you type to help guide you towards the product you are after.

Rich Product Information

We want you to give you all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Each product page on our site includes a detailed product description, technical details, reviews from other customers and more.

If you still have questions after reading the information provided, our customer service is available by phone and email to assist you. We strive to answer all inquiries as quickly as possible to keep you on track in your shopping journey.

Great Prices and Savings

Our customers expect great value and we deliver. We offer thousands of tools and accessories as well as larger pieces of equipment, all at incredibly competitive prices. Looking for even better deals? Visit our 'deals and coupons' section to take advantage of discounts and promotions on our already low prices.

Our rewards program, Inside Track Club, is designed to give loyal customers even more savings. For a small annual fee, members get exclusive access to special deals, early access to sales, and even more discounts.

Secure Transactions

We use one of the most secure ecommerce platforms available that keeps your personal and financial information safe. Look for the "padlock" symbol on your browser to know you're on a secured page.

We accept all major credit cards, including PayPal, and our checkout process is designed with simplicity in mind. We understand that checking out should be quick and painless, so that you can get back to your projects.

Shipping and Returns

Finally, we understand that getting your purchase quickly and intact is paramount. That's why we've optimized our shipping process to minimize waiting time and ensure packaging protection.

Occasionally, you may need to return an item whether due to damages, mis-ships or a change in your needs. In such situations, our customer service team will facilitate the return process and arrange for the item to be picked up and a refund issued. No hassle, no questions asked.

We hope you find these tips useful in navigating Happy shopping and please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience on our site even better.