The Journey of Ky.milesplit: Challenges Faced and Solutions Adopted

As a website dedicated to covering high school track and field events in Kentucky, Ky.milesplit has come a long way since its inception. However, the journey has not been without its challenges. This article aims to discuss some of the challenges faced by the website and the solutions adopted.

Challenge 1: Limited Resources

One major challenge faced by Ky.milesplit was limited resources. At the beginning, the website had a small team with limited funding, which meant that the team had to be creative in its approach. For example, instead of hiring a professional photographer to cover events, we relied on volunteers who were passionate about the sport to help with photography.

Solution: Innovation

Through innovation, we were able to overcome the challenge of limited resources. One solution was to rely on user-generated content, whereby we would encourage people attending the events to send in their photos, videos, and stories for publication on the website. This approach not only helped us to cover more events but also enabled us to engage more with our audience.

Challenge 2: Monetization

As with any business, Ky.milesplit required monetization to sustain its operations. However, finding a sustainable revenue model was difficult, as the website did not charge its audience subscriptions fees, and advertising revenue was limited due to the niche audience and limited website traffic.

Solution: Diversification of Revenue Streams

To overcome the challenge of monetization, the website adopted a diversified approach to revenue streams. This involved a mix of advertising, event sponsorship, and merchandise sales. By doing this, the website was able to generate sufficient revenue to cover its expenses and even invest in growth opportunities.

Challenge 3: Competition

In recent years, the competition in the high school sports media landscape has intensified. More websites, blogs, and social media accounts have emerged to cover similar events, making it difficult for Ky.milesplit to remain competitive.

Solution: Differentiation

To remain competitive, the website had to differentiate itself from competitors. This involved a focus on in-depth coverage of individual athletes and their journeys, rather than just reporting on the outcomes of events. Additionally, the website has embraced social media, with a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, enabling it to engage with more fans and share content more widely.


Overall, Ky.milesplit has faced various challenges over the years, but through innovation, diversification, and differentiation, the website has remained relevant and sustainable. Looking forward to the coming years, we will continue to embrace new technologies, seek partnerships, and engage with our audience to stay competitive in the ever-evolving sports media landscape.