As the operator of Milesplit AR, I am always striving to provide quality content and a seamless user experience. From showcasing local high school runners and their accomplishments to offering in-depth coverage of regional and national track and field events, Milesplit AR has become a go-to source for athletes, coaches, and fans alike.

Our Focus

Our primary focus at Milesplit AR is to promote high school running in Arkansas by covering meets, providing rankings, and sharing stories about Arkansas high school runners. We follow the journey of local athletes as they strive for greatness and compete at the highest level. By featuring their accomplishments and struggles, we hope to inspire others to take up the sport and achieve their own goals.

Coverage and Features

Our extensive coverage of high school track and field events includes live results, athlete profiles, rankings, and video highlights. We provide comprehensive coverage of the Arkansas High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) state championship events, as well as regional and national meets that include Arkansas runners. Our focus on these events is not only to report on results but to tell the stories behind the races and the athletes.

In addition to coverage, we offer several features designed to provide value to our readers. Our annual preseason rankings provide a glimpse into the upcoming season with our top-ranked teams and athletes. We also publish a weekly Athlete of the Week article during the track and field season, highlighting standout performances from the previous week.

The Milesplit AR Community

Our website is more than just a collection of articles and rankings. It is a community of dedicated athletes, coaches, and fans who share a passion for high school running. We encourage our readers to get involved by sharing their own stories, photos, and accomplishments with us.

We also offer a forum where users can discuss high school running and related topics. Whether it's advice on training and competing or insights on the latest trends, our forum is a great way to connect with other members of the Milesplit AR community.

The Future of Milesplit AR

As the operator of Milesplit AR, my vision is to continue to grow our community and expand our coverage of high school running in Arkansas. I believe that there are countless stories waiting to be told, and it is our responsibility to share them with our readers.

I am committed to providing the best possible user experience and to promoting the sport of high school running in Arkansas. In the coming years, I hope to add additional features and resources to our website and to increase our coverage of local events.

In conclusion, Milesplit AR is more than just a website. It is a community of athletes, coaches, and fans who share a passion for high school running in Arkansas. We are dedicated to providing top-quality coverage and resources to help athletes and fans stay informed and engaged. I am excited about the future of Milesplit AR, and I can't wait to see where this journey takes us.