As a website operator, one of the biggest challenges is getting people to your site and keeping them coming back. One website that has managed to do both is NFL Pickwatch.

What is NFL Pickwatch?

NFL Pickwatch is a website that aggregates expert predictions for NFL games each week. The site collects predictions from a variety of sources, including ESPN, CBS, and NFL Network, and provides users with consensus picks for each game.

The site was founded in 2012 by Dave Richard, a fantasy football writer for CBS Sports. Richard was frustrated with the lack of transparency and accountability in expert predictions and wanted to create a platform where users could see which experts were performing the best.

How does it work?

Each week, NFL Pickwatch collects predictions from over 100 experts and analysts from around the web. The site then compiles those picks into a consensus prediction for each game. Users can see the percentage of experts who have picked each team, as well as the average score prediction for each game.

In addition to tracking expert predictions, the site also allows users to make their own picks and compete against other users in weekly and season-long contests. Users can also create and join custom leagues and track their progress against friends and family.

Why is it so successful?

There are a few reasons why NFL Pickwatch has been so successful:

How can you learn from NFL Pickwatch?

As a website operator, there are a few lessons you can learn from the success of NFL Pickwatch:

Overall, NFL Pickwatch is a great example of how to create a successful website. By focusing on transparency, user engagement, simplicity, and accuracy, the site has built a loyal following of NFL fans and experts alike.