As a website operator, it's essential to understand the importance of engaging and interacting with your audience. The Att and Verizon subreddits provide two excellent examples of how telecommunications companies are utilizing Reddit to connect with their customers. With over 1.8 million subscribers combined, these subreddits offer a forum for customers to discuss their experiences with these companies, ask questions, receive support and provide feedback. In this article, we'll analyze how these subreddits are being run, what works, and what could be improved.

Att Subreddit

Att's subreddit has over 1.5 million subscribers and is highly active, with an average of 1,300 users online at any given time. The subreddit covers a broad range of topics, from customer service, billing and plans, promotions, and even device troubleshooting.

One of the stronger aspects of the Att subreddit is the quick and helpful responses from the company's representatives. Att moderators made sure that there's at least one official customer service representative present to respond to customer inquiries.

Moreover, the subreddit is also home to active users who are more than willing to lend a helping hand. Customer support seems to be a community achievement, with members often providing solutions to fellow customers' problems.

Verizon Subreddit

Verizon's subreddit, with just over 330,000 subscribers, is significantly smaller than the Att subreddit, but still holds its ground. Like its competitor, the subreddit covers customer service issues, billing, and promotions.

One of the significant differences between Verizon and Att subreddits is the moderator's presence. Verizon moderators are present, but not as active as their Att counterparts. Their responses are often limited to specific issues, typically regarding content that violates their subreddit rules.

However, community support is not lacking, with users often providing advice and support to those seeking answers.

Areas for improvement

While the Att and Verizon subreddits generally perform well, some areas can benefit from improvement.

For Att subreddit, there's still room to enforce stricter moderation when it comes to profanity and name-calling. It's understandable that customers have frustrations and emotions tied to their experience with the company, but using inappropriate language and name-calling does not provide a conducive environment for productive discussion. The moderators must ensure that high standards of respect and civility are maintained, even when dealing with difficult topics.

Verizon subreddit moderators could take a more hands-on approach to engage customers in active discussions. Many subreddits with similar subscriber numbers facilitate engaging conversations by posting questions or creating topics for discussion. Even when addressing inquiries, moderators could be more conversational in their approach, which could help foster a more significant dialogue between Verizon and its customers.


Both Att and Verizon subreddits demonstrate the benefits of engaging with customers on social media platforms like Reddit. With community support and active moderators and representatives, these subreddits allow customers to receive timely assistance and feel heard by the companies. However, there's still room for improvement. By enforcing higher standards for civility, creating an atmosphere of dialogue, asking engaging questions or creating topics for discussion- these subreddits could become even more valuable resources for both the company and its customers.