Fallout New Vegas Hand Loader: A Guide to Crafting Ammunition

As the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout New Vegas can be a dangerous place, it's essential to have access to the best ammo possible. However, purchasing ammunition can become expensive and limiting in the long run, leading players to opt for hand loading their ammo.

Hand loading is a crafting system in Fallout New Vegas that allows players to create their ammunition using various materials such as casings, powder, and primers. There are numerous hand loading recipes, and each of them requires specific materials and skill levels.

Hand Loader Perk

Before you can start hand loading your ammo, you need to acquire the Hand Loader perk, which is obtained by reaching a Science skill level of 70 and completing the quest "You Can Depend on Me" in Novac. Once you have the Hand Loader perk, you will gain access to various recipes for crafting specialized ammo.

Materials Required for Hand Loading

Unlike standard ammo, hand-loaded ammo requires various materials to create. These materials are as follows:

Casings can be bought from vendors or can be found after you have fired a gun. Primers are found in various locations, including vendors and safes. Powder can be purchased from vendors, and bullets can be bought or found. The additional materials needed depend on the recipe, and may include materials such as scrap metal or tin cans.

Hand Loading Recipes

There are various hand loading recipes, each requiring different materials and skill levels. Here are some of the hand loading recipes and their requirements:

It's important to note that each bullet type requires a specific projectile. Attempting to use different types of projectiles will not work, so make sure to check the correct projectile type before crafting your rounds.

The Advantages of Hand Loading Ammo

Hand loading your ammo in Fallout New Vegas has numerous advantages. Firstly, it is a great way to save caps. Purchasing ammunition from vendors can add up, especially in the early game stages when caps are scarce. Secondly, hand-loaded ammo can be more powerful and effective than standard ammo. This can be especially helpful when facing tougher enemies. Additionally, it allows you to craft rare ammo found in the game more efficiently.


Hand loading ammo in Fallout New Vegas is a fun, immersive way of creating specialized ammo to take on the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world. By obtaining the Hand Loader perk, collecting the needed materials, and learning the right recipes, players can become some of the deadliest shooters in the Mojave Wasteland.