The Story Behind Argus 911: How Our Website Helps Keep Communities Safe

As a website operator, it’s important to choose a niche that addresses a specific need in the community. For our team, that need was providing up-to-date, reliable information on local emergencies, crime incidents, and public safety events. That’s why we launched Argus 911, a website dedicated to simply informing the public about what’s happening in their area.

Argus 911 is a free, publicly accessible database that compiles data on emergency incidents reported by police, fire, and EMS departments in the South Dakota area. We publish this information around the clock, so our users can stay informed about emergencies happening in real-time.

How We Collect Data and Keep it Accurate

So how do we collect this data? We have partnerships with local police and fire departments that send us data on their emergency dispatches as soon as they happen. This means we’re often the first source of news when something big happens in our area. We also rely on public records and citizen-reported information to supplement our database.

But collecting data on emergencies is only half the battle. It’s also important to ensure that the information is accurate, unbiased, and easy to understand. Our editorial team works tirelessly to ensure that each incident reported on Argus 911 is written in plain language, and that harmful or defamatory content is removed from our site ASAP.

How Argus 911 Supports Public Safety

Argus 911 isn’t just a news site. We’re also committed to supporting public safety in any way we can. For example, we’ve worked with local police departments to help them identify trends in crime, and we’ve even been credited with helping to solve some investigations through our website.

Another way we support public safety is by providing educational resources on our website. We’ve created guides on what to do during an emergency, how to stay safe during natural disasters, and how to keep your home secure. Our goal is to empower our community with the information they need to stay safe.

Our Future Goals

We’re proud of the impact we’ve had on our community in our short time as a website. But there’s always more work to be done. In the future, we hope to expand our coverage to other regions in South Dakota, and eventually across the country. We’re also exploring new ways to support public safety, such as creating interactive maps to help users understand crime hotspots in their area.

But no matter how far we go, our commitment to providing reliable, up-to-date emergency information will always be at the heart of what we do. We believe that by empowering our community with knowledge and awareness, we can help keep everyone safe.


Argus 911 isn’t your typical news website. We’re here to help keep our community informed, prepared, and empowered in the face of emergencies. Our commitment to providing reliable information and supporting public safety has helped us build a loyal following in just a few short years. We’re excited to see what the future holds, and we’re committed to continuing to serve our community as best we can.