As a website operator, it is important to understand the needs and preferences of your target audience. Divyabhaskar Gujarati News Paper is a leading news outlet that caters to the Gujarati-speaking community in India. With a daily circulation of over 800,000 copies, Divyabhaskar has established itself as a reliable source of local, national, and international news.

Content Strategy

To keep up with the changing media landscape, Divyabhaskar has expanded its online presence by launching a website and mobile app. The website features a modern design with easy navigation, making it simple for readers to access the latest news articles, videos, and photos. The content is organized into categories, including news, sports, entertainment, and business, allowing visitors to easily find the topics that interest them.

In addition to written articles, Divyabhaskar also produces video content, including news recaps, interviews, and documentaries. This multimedia approach appeals to a younger demographic that prefers video over text-based content.


Engagement is a vital part of any successful website strategy. Divyabhaskar encourages reader participation in several ways. The website has a comments section for every article, allowing readers to share their thoughts and engage in conversations with other readers. There are also social media sharing buttons embedded in each article, making it easy for readers to share content they find interesting with their networks.

To further engage readers, Divyabhaskar has launched a loyalty program that rewards readers for reading and sharing content. Readers can collect points for completing activities such as reading articles, watching videos, and sharing content on social media. These points can be redeemed for prizes such as movie tickets, gift cards, and even trips.


Divyabhaskar recognizes the importance of building a sense of community among its readers. The website has a dedicated section for readers to submit their own stories and photos, allowing them to share their experiences with a wider audience. This user-generated content not only helps foster a sense of community among readers, but it also provides valuable content for the website.

In addition, Divyabhaskar has launched several initiatives to give back to the community. For example, the website has partnered with local charities to raise funds for health and education initiatives. Divyabhaskar also hosts events, such as charity walks and blood donation drives, to further engage with the community.


In conclusion, Divyabhaskar is a prime example of a website that understands its target audience and caters to their needs. By providing engaging content, encouraging reader participation, and fostering a sense of community, Divyabhaskar has established itself as a trusted source of news and information within the Gujarati-speaking community. As a website operator, it is important to take note of Divyabhaskar's success and apply similar strategies to engage with your own target audience.