Blaine Stewart, the late WTKR anchor, was a compassionate and charismatic personality in the news industry. As a website operator who wishes to keep his legacy alive, I will outline the various tactics that can be employed to achieve this.

Creating a tribute video

A tribute video featuring some of Blaine's most memorable moments is a great way to honor his legacy. The video can be posted on the website and shared on social media platforms. It could also be played during special events, like fundraisers or charity events.

Dedicate a special section on the website

To keep the memory of Blaine alive, create a special section on the website. This section could be dedicated to Blaine's life and career, featuring his pictures, stories, and contributions. It could also be used to post updates about any events or charity work being conducted in his name.

Encourage audience participation

Encouraging audience participation can create an emotional connection with the viewers, making them feel like they're a part of Blaine's legacy. This could be done by creating a 'Dear Blaine' section on the website, where users can share their memories, stories, or messages to Blaine. This could be further amplified by featuring some of the messages in the news broadcast, print or digital media.

Collaborate with charities and organizations

Since Blaine was known for his philanthropic contributions, charities and organizations would be happy to collaborate with his website to keep his legacy alive. By collaborating, the website can post information about upcoming charity events or updates about donations being made in Blaine's name. This not only keeps his memory alive but also continues his charity work.


In conclusion, creating a dedicated section, tribute video, encouraging audience participation, and collaborating with charities can all help keep the memory of Blaine Stewart alive. By honoring him in these ways, we ensure that he remains a part of our lives and continues to inspire people to be compassionate and contribute to society.