Running Goerie Obits - Tips from an Experienced Website Operator

Managing a website can be a challenging and rewarding experience, especially when you're in the business of providing obituaries to a community. As the operator of Goerie Obits, I have learned a few essential tips that can help any website thrive. In this article, I will discuss the importance of user experience, effective content management, and building a strong brand.

User Experience

The success of any website is dependent on its user experience. Goerie Obits is no exception. We strive to make the website easy and quick to use. Our site has simple navigation, easy-to-read font, and consistent formatting. We also made sure to have a prominent search bar to allow users to find the information they need quickly. A good user experience also involves optimizing the website for different devices. We made sure that Goerie Obits looks great on all screen sizes, from mobile devices to screens with higher resolutions.

It's also important to pay attention to the feedback that users give you. We take feedback seriously and are always making changes to improve the user experience. We also ask for feedback regularly. Our users appreciate that we are constantly trying to make their experience better.

Effective Content Management

With a website like Goerie Obits, updating content is critical. Our users expect timely updates, and we must deliver. We have a dedicated team that works hard to keep the site updated with the latest information. It's essential to have a content management system that is easy to use and allows us to update information quickly. We use a CMS that allows us to add new obituaries, update existing ones, and place content into different sections easily.

Another way we keep our users engaged is by providing related content. We make sure to include links to related news articles or information on funeral services for the family's convenience. We also have a section for guestbook messages to allow relatives and friends to post messages and memories of their loved ones. These additional features add value to our site and give visitors a reason to come back.

Building a Strong Brand

A strong brand is critical in any industry, but especially in a competitive one like online obituaries. We have worked hard to create a brand that our audience trusts and respects. We have a professional logo and a recognizable color scheme. We also make sure to post quality content that our users find helpful and informative.

One of the most important things we have done to build our brand is to be active on social media. We have a presence on several platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. We use these platforms to interact with our audience, post updates and engage with the community. Creating a strong brand not only helps build trust with users, but it can also help drive traffic to the website.

In Conclusion

Managing a website like Goerie Obits is not easy, but with a focus on user experience, effective content management, and building a strong brand, it's possible to create a successful online obituary platform. By following these tips, any website operator can create a valuable resource for their community.