As a website operator, it is my job to ensure that my website provides relevant and authentic information to my users. In this article, I will be discussing Project 1999 Wiki, its history, and the importance of the website for the gaming community.

The History of Project 1999 Wiki

Project 1999 Wiki was established in 2009, during a time when EverQuest was becoming increasingly popular. The website aimed to provide players with detailed and accurate information on the game. It was run by a small group of dedicated volunteers who aimed to preserve the game's original release from 1999, by creating a server that would replicate its original gameplay.

Project 1999 Wiki's mission is to provide a reliable source of information for players on the Project 1999 server. The website's content is written by players for players, which means that the information provided is unbiased and accurate.

The Importance of Project 1999 Wiki

Project 1999 Wiki is an essential resource for players who want to learn more about EverQuest. Players can find information on quests, zones, and items, as well as strategies and walkthroughs on how to complete various challenges.

Moreover, Project 1999 Wiki has a vibrant community of contributors who work together to keep the information updated and relevant. They ensure that the information provided on the site is accurate and up-to-date, making it a reliable source of information for players.

Additionally, Project 1999 Wiki is an essential tool for new players who are just starting their journey in EverQuest. With its extensive collection of articles, players can learn the basics of the game, including its mechanics, lore, and history.

The Future of Project 1999 Wiki

Project 1999 Wiki has become an important resource for EverQuest players, providing them with all the information they need to play the game. As such, it is essential to ensure that the website continues to thrive in the future.

To ensure the website's longevity, we will continue to work with the community and update the information regularly. We will also focus on expanding the site to include more information on EverQuest and its various expansions.

Moreover, we plan to increase the site's functionality by adding features such as forums and chat rooms. These features will encourage the community to interact with each other, share their knowledge, and help new players.


In conclusion, Project 1999 Wiki is an important resource for EverQuest players. It provides them with reliable information on the game, ensuring their journey in the game is smooth and enjoyable. As a website operator, I take pride in the service we provide to the gaming community and remain committed to ensuring that Project 1999 Wiki continues to be an essential resource for all players.